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Why you can leave your exhibition in the Netherlands to Beurswand.nl

Would you like to participate in a fair in the Netherlands? And are you looking for a local partner? Then look no further, because Beurswand.nl has experience with virtually every trade show in the Netherlands. Read about other benefits below.

1. We understand the culture in the Netherlands

Over the years, we have delivered our services throughout the Netherlands. We make sure you set the right tone and make sure your booth doesn’t make any cultural mistakes.

Beursstand Huren Kopen
Beursstand Huren Kopen

2. Strong network in the Netherlands

We have an extensive network of contacts within the industry, including suppliers and distributors. Are you looking for a partner with the right network? Then you have come to the right place at Beurswand.nl.

3. Logistical support in the Netherlands

Thanks to our local partners across the in the Netherlands, we can provide valuable support in organizing and executing the logistical aspects of participating in a trade show, such as transporting goods and materials, setting up the booth and arranging accommodation for staff.

Beursstand Huren Kopen
Beursstand Huren Kopen

4. No regulatory burden for you as a customer

We are familiar with the regulations and procedures in the Netherlands. This allows us to help companies navigate complex bureaucratic processes and ensure that all requirements are met.

5. Joint promotion

Cooperation with Beurswand.nl will lead to synergies in promotion and marketing. We can join forces to strengthen your presence at foreign trade shows to increase your brand’s visibility and awareness.

Beursstand Huren Kopen

The exhibition stands of Beurswand.nl are located throughout the Netherlands

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