Tips for Successful Trade Show Participation

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Tips for Successful Trade Show Participation

Let’s face it: trade show participation is not cheap. Your company invests time and effort in the trade show presentation and in addition, it certainly costs several thousand dollars. Therefore, it is important that you know what you are doing. How do you get the most visitors to your booth and make sure they actually buy your product or service?

Careful planning and proper preparation is extremely important for a successful trade show participation. So read our tips for successful trade show participation and learn:

  • To attract visitors to your booth
  • Ways to plan a successful trade show participation
  • The best ideas for promotional products and gifts
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Attracting visitors to your booth

A trade show is a place where buyers and sellers meet. The benefit is that buyers come to a trade show to buy and learn about the latest and greatest products and services you have to offer. The problem is the amount of competition in the immediate area. The trade show tips below will ensure that buyers stop by your booth despite the competition.

Exhibition booth location at the fair

The location of the trade show booth is one of the most important aspects to think about beforehand. Most trade shows offer booths in a prime location for an additional cost. If you are willing to pay extra, look into this far in advance. The best trade show booth locations sell out quickly, so consider where you want to be with your booth six months to a year before the trade show takes place. If you can pick a spot, find out where most visitors walk by. Research shows that in countries where people drive on the right (including the Netherlands, Germany and the U.S.), trade show visitors tend to walk on the right. So don’t choose a trade show spot on the left side of the entrance.

Design of your exhibition stand

Visitors are attracted to good-looking booths. Within seconds, a visitor forms their first impression of your booth. So it is important to invest in the design and use eye-catching colors, for example. A beautiful design makes the difference between visitors stopping or walking by.

Make your trade show booth clearly visible from all directions, both near and far. Use prominent signs and provide optimal lighting.

Trade show booth Travelaer

We realized this eye-catching exhibition stand for Travelaer. The beautiful design combined with the tables and chairs is very inviting to visitors. Another successful trade show participation from one of our clients!

Beurswandnl Portfolio Uneek
Exhibition booth Uneek

With LED frames from Exhibit Wall, for example, you will ensure that your booth stands out to visitors.

Make your booth accessible

In addition to an attractive design, your booth must be accessible. The appearance of your staff is very important. Smiling faces and an open attitude attract many visitors. It is also recommended that your staff attend trade show training. Provide a variety of presentation materials to appeal to different people. Some people appreciate materials such as flyers, pens and corporate gifts. Other attendees would like to see a video demo on an HD screen or tablet. Make sure there is always enough staff present to speak to visitors and answer their questions.

Have Your Exhibition Stand Designed

You have the option of providing your own design, but we always recommend that you have a design created by This ensures that the design of the exhibition stand looks optimal from afar and up close.

Our designers know exactly what to consider when it comes to designing trade show booths.

Snacks and drinks

Trade show visitors usually walk around a lot at a trade show. Offering snacks and drinks is therefore greatly appreciated. Your beverage or snack offerings should be in line with your corporate culture or theme. Provide water bottles and any packaging with your branding or business card so visitors remember your company.

Tip: bring a coffee maker so you can have a cup of coffee with potential clients.

Offer trade show visitors snacks and drinks so they stay at your booth longer, allowing you to leave a good impression.

Beursdeelname Tips Hapjes Drankjes

Contests and promotions

Everyone loves to win something. Therefore, attract visitors to your booth with contests, special promotions or raffles. Make sure you need something from attendees to enter the contest or be eligible for a prize, such as a business card or a completed contact form.

Promotional products

Promotional products and corporate gifts are an important part of the fair. Make sure the promotional product you choose is relevant to your brand and useful to consumers. This is the best combination because it ensures that the product is preserved for a long period of time.

Some of the most popular promotional products for trade shows are:

  • Pens: they may be a bit mundane, but everyone still needs pens. Pens are kept for a long time and even have transfer value because recipients can give them to others.
  • Bags: handy for carrying all those things someone gets at a trade show. Reusable bags are now kept much more often than in the past because of their environmental benefits. Put your logo on the bags so that visitors who take your bag will advertise you at the fair for free.
  • Electronic gadgets: USB flash drives are among the promotional items that people love to receive. You can also put QR codes on your booth and trade show apparel that visitors can scan.
  • Folders and notebooks: these are useful both during and after the fair. Do you have notebooks and folders left over? Then use it back in the office after the fair.

Reachability on social media

It is wise to have a social media plan before you go to a trade show. One way to use social media is to connect with people who have checked in on the fair or mentioned the fair on social media. Invite them to your booth and offer a special offer through social channels.


For successful trade show participation, you need to plan well in advance. Because trade shows are often a risk because of cost and short notice, it is necessary to prepare well to ensure success. Many of the points we have illustrated to attract buyers require research and planning ahead of time. If you regularly attend trade shows, you will form a routine. Note that even if you have a routine, you need to make sure that you are constantly innovating and improving it.

Exhibition stand rental at Exhibition Wall

Would you also like to successfully participate in a trade show? Then rent or buy a trade show booth from Exhibit Wall. As a full service booth construction company, we help you with design, transportation, and set-up and take-down. You can even hire professional staff to keep your booth adequately staffed during the trade show. Contact us by phone or email to discuss all options.

Exhibition Stand Quotation

In 5 Steps

  • Stap 1
    Bepaal uw

    Wilt u kopen of huren? Wanneer is de beurs en wat is uw budget?

  • Stap 2

    Kies de oppervlakte en het beursstand type, hoekstand, kopstand, tussenstand of eiland.

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  • Stap 3

    Kies uw frames en hoogte. Voeg LED, pantry, presentatie middelen toe.

  • Stap 4

    Voeg meubilair zoals bar, koelkast, tafels, stoelen, krukken en meer toe.

  • Stap 5

    We kunnen helpen met Beursstand Design, Op- en afbouw, Opslag en meer.

1. Determine your budget

Do you want to buy or rent? When is the fair and what is your budget?

2. Exhibition stand type

Select the surface and exhibition stand type, corner stand, head stand, intermediate stand or island.

3. Exhibition stand design

Choose your frames and height. Add LED, pantry, presentation resources.

4. Exhibition booth design

Add furniture such as bar, refrigerator, tables, chairs, stools and more.

5. Select services

We can help with Exhibition Stand Design, Set-up and Take-down, Storage and more.

Or Configure Yourself Now ↓

Request Your Quote in 4 Simple Steps

You have a spot at your trade show venue? Choose your trade show booth setup and floor space based on the assigned space and position.

There are 4 types of trade show booth setups
– Corner arrangement
– Intermediate setup
– Cup arrangement
– Island arrangement

Floor space: you can scale your trade show booth in floor dimensions without limit due to our modular system. We have supplied exhibition stands from 2-200 m2

On our website you will find many examples of trade show booths and different setups. Or view our Exhibition Stand Portfolio.

Create your own trade show booth completely as you wish in our trade show booth configurator or choose a trade show booth design from our samples.

After you select the dimensions and setup of your trade show booth, we further dress the trade show booth. Easily add additional options such as flooring, pantry, LED spotlights or TV when selecting the trade show booth. We are also happy to provide the design of the exhibition stand. We even take care of your complete trade show presentation – if desired.

Exhibition Stand Floor
Do you want a (raised) floor? We have developed a unique proprietary system for that. But we also offer laminate or carpet tiles.

The visuals – in addition to the size of your exhibition stand – are very decisive for the appearance and recognizability and of your exhibition stand. Do you want an understated or rather eye-catching trade show booth? With the visuals, you give your booth color, or not.

You have a choice of printed textile, dibond, forex or wood finish.

You can literally “spotlight” certain visuals in your trade show booth by integrating an LED into your trade show booth frames. You can also add LED spotlights.

Exhibition Stand Elements
Pantry, Counter, Bar, Shelves

Multi Media
Present your organization and products or services with multi media such as Televisions, iPads, beamers, LED tiles or even Holograms.

Complete your trade show booth with furniture and appliances. Think Tables, Chairs, Bar Stools, a Refrigerator, Coffee Maker or Vacuum Cleaner.

Our years of experience allow us to relieve you – in addition to providing your trade show booth – with additional services, guaranteeing you a successful trade show participation with minimal effort. Among other things, we can help you with:
Advice on Scholarship participation

These include design and layout of your booth, graphic design of your visuals, checklists for trade show participation, use of multi media and general presentation during trade shows.
Design of your Exhibition Stand

At, you always have your own assigned project manager who can help you design your trade show booth.
Transportation and Construction

Transportation of the exhibition stand to the exhibition is also part of our service package. We also handle the set-up and take-down of the exhibition stand, so all you have to do is arrange for your staff to be present at the exhibition.

✓ Transportation: from €99.
✓ Assembly and disassembly: from €899.

After choosing the exhibition stand and selecting additional options and additional services, we have enough information to give you a specific price indication.

Request a price for your trade show booth, and you will receive more information on options and costs within 48 hours.

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